Are you curious about my lifestyle program?

Maybe you are in a stuck place where you need some help with your health, you’ve got an idea of what you need to do, but you’re not totally sure how to go about it.

Maybe you’ve tried multiple doctors, meal plans, supplements, etc and haven’t gotten lasting results and so you need a more personalized plan to really address your root issues.

Other providers or blogs might give you a decent idea of what to do and speak to your symptoms etc, but didn’t offer the accountability or the immersive experience you need to stay motivated and engaged long term.


Let’s face it… it’s hard to change your diet and add in supplements and in most cases your daily routine! There’s a lot that goes into realigning your interests and preferences with new dietary restrictions or lifestyle boundaries.

What you need is a good program that gives you exciting and informative resources to keep you engaged and also teach you the basics of how to keep yourself on track.

What does the program involve?

The program is a collection of modules that you can have access to the minute you sign up for my services. Each module is open and accessible and you can explore each one as you see fit! The program has a few select topics to help you dive deeper into the skillsets that keep you from wasting time, shifting out of your plan, and losing interest in your health goals. It’s the best way to have information at your finger tips, more than what we cover during sessions and more than what you might find by spending hours and hours researching yourself.

Which topics are covered?

My lifestyle program will walk you through a powerful set of skills and concepts to help you feel more confident and engaged. Topics include:

  1. Defining your purpose
  2. Positive mindset and goal setting
  3. Stress reduction and meditation
  4. Sleep hygiene and routine
  5. Healthy cooking and meal prep
  6. Physical activity and fitness

What kind of resources does it involve?

The modules in my lifestyle program include a mixture of my favorite online videos for both information and motivation purposes. It also includes a massive amount of written material to pursue for you own educational benefit. In addition, there will be exercises and worksheets to help you practice the knowledge you learn in each module. Plus, everything covered is evidence based and well accepted within the clinical field.

Is there an interactive component?

YES! Each client that is given access to the program will have access to the community group chat and can open dialogue and share their experiences with each other. It’s a great way to see what others are going through and how they’ve been able to get the best results with their healing journey.

As always it’s important to remember proper boundaries and respect every ones privacy. However, the program is set up to only include your first name so no need to worry about being fully transparent with your identity. It’s designed to give you the ability to share resources and engage with others experiencing much the same process as you!

Does it cost extra?

Nope! The program is totally free and is included for simply being a bright and beautiful client of mine. No extra costs 🙂

If you have any other questions about the program or curious how it works just reach out! You can contact me HERE.

If you’re ready to jump in just schedule a free discovery call to get started!



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